Sunday, March 30, 2008




To be eligible, the graduate students running for election must be classified graduate students in good standing and cannot be members of the GSO Executive Council.


Before appointing any program GSO representative, the Chair of the graduate program should ensure:

1- That all graduate students currently enrolled in the program be informed of the issue at hand by sending a short announcement stipulating that students interested in running for the positions of GSO representative and alternate representative inform her or him of their candidacy.

2- That within 2 weeks of the announcement the names of the candidates be forwarded by email to all graduate students currently enrolled in the program along with a request for individual vote. All votes are to be sent by e-mail directly to the program Chair within 1 week of this request.

3- That within 2 weeks of the end of the election week the names of the winning candidates be announced via e-mail to all graduate students in the program.

4- That s/he formally appoints the elected candidate(s) as the GSO program representative and alternate representative by sending an e-mail notification to:

- GSO President Marc Le Pape & GSO Secretary Margaret Pulver.

5- Finally, the chair should meet with the newly elected GSO representative and alternate representative to inform them that:

- No GSO program representative or alternate may be part of the GSO grant proposal peer review process whenever themselves are applying for a GSO grant, due to obvious conflict of interest.

- No GSO program representative or alternate may entertain any discussion whatsoever with any graduate students concerning the specifics of a graduate student's grant proposal, as representatives cannot be judge and party in the grant proposals peer review process.

- Should the GSO become aware that any infraction to the aforementioned two rules has occurred, the matter will be referred immediately to the Graduate Dean and the GSO will immediately file a grievance with the office of judicial affairs for Violation of the Student Code of Conduct.


The GSO President will ratify the appointment(s) and the GSO secretary will updates the GSO list of representative as soon as the Dept. Chair confirms to them both that:

- An election following the aforementioned protocol took place before the appointment(s)

- All elected representatives in the program were informed of the consequences attached to any breach of ethical standards.

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